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Truth behind our Story : TAWS

A brand name tells one hell of an interesting story and a lot about the brand and what it represents, doesn’t it?
Well, TAWS also has a similar story, except our name solely exists because we like it and not because every brand name needs to date back to years to have a solid meaning to it. We do that with what we stand for and, hey isn’t the name just so cute? Its PAWS but with a "T".
Our founder ~ Ashmeet Punihani, the Creative Genius behind the name, really took her time just to come up with this haha🤷🏽‍♀️…. but we love it, and what we love more is the message with the brand, that it is a visual celebration of style with sustainability. TAWS represents a new chapter. It is with immense pride that we present you 100% eco-friendly, plant based vegan leather Bags, Shoes & Accessories.
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