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What is plant-based leather and why do we use it?

It is in the name, isn't it? Leather made from plants and fruit waste, like mushrooms, apples, pineapple, cork, coconut, and many more. Now we have multitudes of options when it comes to alternatives to real leather but what is truly so special about plant-based leather?

Well for starters we use apple leather which is made from up-cycling apple waste and pomace from the juice industry. The composition of the material is 50% apple waste and 50% water-based PU.

We use apple leather because, firstly it looks good, offers high quality, is the most like real leather in texture and wears well. Secondly, and the most important reason to use plant-based leather is that it is cruelty-free and good for the environment, how so? It has 40x lower carbon impact than traditional leather and 17x lower carbon impact than synthetic vegan leather (Plant-Based Leather Shoes | Sustainable Leather Alternative From Natural Materials | Allbirds, 2022). Thirdly, apple leather is lightweight, it is very easy to get stains off of it and it is water repellent. Fourth, it makes us feel amazing whenever we carry or wear it. These are a lot of reasons to try and wear plant-based leather, so what are you waiting for? 

Join us in our journey to do better!

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