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About Us

Taws is a homegrown artisanal brand, based in New Delhi, India, founded in 2022. All our products are made to order to reduce wastage and are made from recycled and eco-friendly materials, usually from renewable sources. We make bags, shoes and accessories that are stylish, sustainable, affordable and made to last. All our range of accessories are made with equal love and passion highlighting the indefinite capacity of Indian craftsmanship. A sustainable and cruelty-free future is at the heart of TAWS- the Label.


Ashmeet Punihani

My journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle began 3.5 years ago, after learning more about the environment, climate change and animal welfare.

In late 2019, I became extremely conscious of my choices and decided to change the way I live my life, from what I consume to what I wear. It took me a while, but small changes led to a strong mindset and I have never looked back since. Every single day we have the opportunity to make better choices and every little step has its way of forming into a habit and a mindset. I believe that sustainability is a mindset, which is formed through small conscious choices we make in our lives. There are times where we all struggle in making better choices, but one little step every day goes a long way.

For me I wanted to make sustainability accessible, affordable, stylish and without compromising on quality. I have had my own struggles of finding platforms that are stylish and sustainable yet affordable, and I wanted to create that. I believe TAWS will be around to serve you all for a long time, with exciting designs and innovation coming up.


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